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As educators, we want to help provide

the necessary knowledge to help others learn

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for the well-being of self and family.

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RCP consultant, PHom

Hello and thank you for visiting our site!

My name is Sandra Dee Bivens, I am 52 years old and have been very sick 3 times in my life. Each time I learned more about health and the workings of the body. Each time I saw my body respond to good choices. The body is a complex system. But that doesn’t mean that the steps to wellness are complicated.  I believe in the body’s ability to heal. I believe in the right to choose better options to support wellness.

If you are coming to this platform, it’s to learn about what you can do to help yourself. You must be interested in learning about how homeopathy can help you. Of all the methods for health I have learned, homeopathy is outstanding. Following the Practical Homeopathic approach is the best way to use homeopathy.

I congratulate you on your curiosity and brave step to reach for education and empowerment through choices. I hope to work alongside you in reaching your goals.

Homeopathy will prove to be the most powerful choice in your wellness bag of tricks. It isn’t the end all and be all, but it will be the most spectacular when needed. 

I very much look forward to teaching you how to use homeopathy along with food choices and supplements that are in harmony with the RCP paradigm. 

Let’s get started!

Monica Meyle

Graduate of the Academy of Practical Homeopathy

My name is Monica Meyle. I’m the mother of two healthy grown daughters and the wife of a brilliant husband (he cued me on his descriptor..lol). 

Although our lives were never, I mean never problem free, (we had our share of injuries, ailments, and stresses), we managed to raise our family drug-free.

If I’ve learned anything valuable in my life, it’s  that CHOICES MATTER. The choices we make can impact our lives, health, happiness and future. 

My role as a Homeopath is to educate and guide one to better choices because when one knows better, they can do better and they can feel better.


What Is Homeopathy?

A natural modality used for over 200 years. Our practical approach utilizes clinically proven protocols.

Who Can Use Homeopathy?

Homeopathy can be used on pregnant women, children, the elderly, even pets, other animals and sometimes plants.

What Types of Animals Do You See?

From livestock to your beloved pet, we can help with a variety of animals.


What Does A Consultation Involve?

A 60 minute session working with a consultant, gathering information to better understand your current health picture. We allow history and detail to help us formulate an individualized approach to your personal wellness.

How Long Is Homeopathic Care?

Follow Ups are recommended every 10-12 weeks. How many you will need depends on you. Most people need 2-4 consultations and see improvements in 3-4 months.

Why Do I Need Follow Ups?

Each follow up is an assessment to see where you have improved and what needs adjustment. Health is never a perfect picture, it’s steady improvement towards better health. The goal is overall wellbeing and better quality of life.

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Starting Consultations

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How Can I Start Consultations?

  1. Sign the Member Contract
  2. Create a Username and Password
  3. Pay the ONE TIME Membership Fee
  4. Book an Initial Consultation

What Is A PMA?

We are a Private Member Association. As a member, these options are open to you:

  • Consultations
  • Classes
  • Instructional Videos
  • Other Resources

Where Do I Sign Up and Book?

You can click the button below to complete steps 1-4 above. In the future, you will find a section on our homepage where you can book your consultations.


What Will I Learn?

How to be more self sufficient using practical homeopathy for your family’s wellness needs,

More Class Information

Classes are held over Zoom and are conducted throughout the year. Please look at the class schedule to view upcoming dates and times and to reserve your spot in class today!

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