Services & Testimonial


Initial Consultation $225

A 90 minute consultation in which your chief concerns will be discussed and initial plan will be laid out to start you back on the road to health and wellness.

Follow Up Consultation $150

To happen 10 weeks after the Initial Consultation- A 45 minute consultation which progress and changes will be discussed and any adjustments to the plan will be made.

Acute Consultation $35

For when an acute ailment occurs (i.e. cold, flu, sunburn, etc.) and help is needed to find a course of action better suited for the situation if what you have tried has not worked or you are still learning. A 15 minute consultation to help get your life back on track.

Pet/Animal Consultation $75

For pets or farm animals, a 30 minute consultation. *We DO NOT diagnose.* With a diagnosis, we may be able to offer natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals or conventional medicine for chronic issues.

Ordering Services

Need help ordering your homeopathic remedies? Have questions about dosage, quantity or how to take your remedies? Set up a quick appointment to receive personalized help!

PMA Membership $50

A one time fee paid before being able to book a consultation with us. When you sign up, you will also be able to benefit from 1 free acute appointment to use when needed.

Monthly Subscription $15

This is an optional monthly subscription in which you can benefit from the full scale of our website. These benefits include our private forum, where you can help answer questions posted by the community and post your own questions to be answered, and much, much more. This feature and all it’s inclusions will be coming soon!


I was recently starting to experience the symptoms of menopause. These included irritability, hot flashes, and some other typical symptoms. While I would describe my symptoms more mild than severe, they were still not comfortable to deal with. Thanks to homeopathy I was able to find something to help balance out my body and have found my symptoms are almost non-existent if any at all. I am so thankful to have been able to find something that helps me cope with life through menopause.


I’ve had chronic AND seasonal allergies all my life. I’ve used every over the counter medication there is and even gone through prescription medications as well. My allergies became so bad that even twice the recommended amount of medication for a 24hr period didn’t last me 6hrs. It was getting to where I basically had to stay inside and even then, sometimes I had to remain still all day or the attack would happen again. Through homeopathy, my allergies have been significantly helped! I still have some issues to work on, as it’s been a lifelong ordeal and so will be a long process, but I have less allergy attacks and can help control them now if they come. Even my food intolerances have been helped and I can’t wait to get back to feeling normal. Thank you so much for all your help!

Doni C

A year or so ago I developed peripheral neuropathy. I am so glad I have been able to keep the pain in check using homeopathics because taking pharmaceuticals could damage my liver and/or kidneys. My neurologists was even hesitant to have me take them because of the bad side effects.

David S

When my youngest son hit his head from falling off the bunk bed, he developed a huge bump. As a nurse I checked him over and could see that he wasn’t in any danger and I just needed to watch him. I also knew, as a mom, that he was in discomfort and I wanted to help that way if possible. It was amazing to see how remedies could help with a situation like this. The bump on his head went down quickly and so did his pain level. It’s so good to know that there are ways to help even in wait and see situations. Thanks for the help!

Nichole S

While on vacation, the kids decided to swim in the pool. They were there all day and it was a hot day. Kids being kids and as busy as the day was, sunscreen was either completely forgotten or reapplication was it missed. Most of them wound up with a pretty bad sunburn and not feeling well that night. With the first dose, they started to feel more like themselves and the redness from their burns almost gone or at least significantly improved. I am so glad we had what they needed.

The Concans